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3 Reasons to Have Your House Raised

If your home stands on piers or stumps, then there might be times when you need to have it raised. While this might sound alarming, there are actually some real benefits to this process. What can you do if you have your home raised?

1. Restump Your House

If your home's stumps or piers are showing signs of damage or failure, then you might need to have them repaired or replaced. These objects create the foundations of your home, so it is important to make sure that they are fit for purpose. If they don't give stable and even support, then you could have subsidence problems in the building.

The easiest way to work on these areas is to raise your home. Specialist contractors take your home off its current supports and shore it up temporarily. They then fix or replace its stumps or piers before lowering it down to rest on them again.

2. Add Extra Space

If you'd like to increase the space you have at home, then you might look to see if you can build into your yard by adding an extension. Or, you might look to build up by converting an attic.

However, these solutions don't always work. If you live in a small house on a small plot, then you might not have room to extend. Or, you might have used up all your available space already. Your local planning department might not give you permission to build around your home any more.

However, they might be OK with making your home slightly taller. If you raise the building, you can create extra space. You install taller stumps or piers to push your current home upwards.

This creates useful and usable space. This might be a full floor or just one extra room. You could add a patio area or garage space. You and your family get more room now. Plus, if you move in the future, a bigger home is likely to be worth more.

3. Avoid Flood Problems

If you live in a flood-prone area, then you might already have suffered from the adverse effects of high water. If water gets into a house, it causes damage to floors, electrics, walls and furnishings. You might have lost valuable precious possessions to water damage.

One way to mitigate the effects of flooding is to raise your house. If you get the level right, then future floods might simply flow under the building where they won't do any serious harm.

To find out more about this process, contact house raising professionals.