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2 Signs Your Factory's Indoor Forklift Is in Desperate Need of Repairs

If you own and/or manage a factory, the indoor forklift may be a key piece of equipment that your employees utilise to transport materials, moulds and finished products from one area to another. Without it, the factory's operations would come to a standstill.

Because of its importance, you should make sure that you keep an eye out for signs that it may fail in the near future. Below are a couple of these signs that indicate a problem with the forklift which will require immediate repairs.

1. Any Signs of Damage and/or Corrosion on the Chains

One area of the forklift where you should look for signs of serious issues is the chain system of the equipment. These chains are responsible for the operation of the lift that carries not only the forks but also the cargo. If these chains were to stretch or break, the cargo would be off-balance or would come crashing to the floor. This would not only result in damage to the materials or products, but it could also cause injury to one of your employees if the vehicle were to flip.

When examining the chains, look for any cracks, dents or worn links. Also, look for rust and other signs of corrosion, as these could indicate that the chain's structure has been compromised and weakened.

2. Noticeable Fumes Coming From the Forklift's Exhaust

Another sign that your factory's indoor forklift is in desperate need of repairs is when you start noticing fumes coming out of the exhaust pipe. Even if the equipment runs on diesel, it is designed to fully burn off the fuel so that the fumes do not affect the air quality indoors.

However, if you notice any black or blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, there is a problem with the way the engine is burning off the fuel. Before the unusual exhaust decreases the factory's air quality and causes the engine to fail, you need to have it checked out by a professional.

If your factory's indoor forklift is visibly damaged or corroded and/or has noticeable fumes coming out of its exhaust pipe, it may be on the verge of failure or an engine breakdown. Before that has a chance to occur, you will want to have it looked at. Contact a business that offers repair and restoration services on forklifts to explain the signs that you are seeing. Then, make an appointment to have the piece of equipment inspected to find out what needs to be done to fix it.