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Shopping for a Power Transformer? Top Signs a Cast Resin Distribution Transformer Will Be a Good Pick

If you need to invest in a power transformer for your company, then you could be wondering about the type that you should buy. There are different types of power transformers on the market that are good for different uses. Cast resin distribution transformers are often the right choice; these are a few signs that this might be the type of transformer that you will want to purchase.

You're Concerned About Fire Hazards

First of all, as you probably know, there are risks that go along with running power transformers. For example, there are fire-related risks, and these fires could be potentially devastating and life-threatening, depending on the situation. Although it's still important to make sure that you use a cast resin distribution transformer in a fire-safe manner, you should know that these transformers flame-retardant and are even self-extinguishing. Therefore, if fire safety is a major concern, then you will probably find a cast resin distribution transformer to be an ideal choice.

Your Company is Looking for a Budget-Friendly Option

It's not a secret that buying a power transformer can be incredibly expensive, and the costs for your company can be even higher if you need to purchase multiple transformers. Some are more costly than others, though. Overall, cast resin distribution transformers are usually on the more affordable side when compared to other power transformers that are otherwise similar. Additionally, set-up and operational costs are often more affordable for these transformers, too. Therefore, not only can your company save money when purchasing cast resin distribution transformers over other types of transformers, but you can also save money each month that these transformers are in operation, too.

You're Hoping the Transformer Will Be Quiet

If you are going to be installing the transformer on your company's property, then you could be worried about it being really noisy and distracting for your employees. If you are going to be installing it elsewhere, then you could be concerned about others in the community complaining about the noise. Either way, if you are hoping to install a quiet transformer, you should know that some types are much louder than others. Cast resin distribution transformers are typically much quieter when they are in operation, which is something that everyone in the area is sure to appreciate.

There Isn't Much Space to Work With

If you are going to be installing a power transformer in an area where there isn't much space, then you might be concerned about whether or not you will be able to find one that is the proper size. Luckily, these transformers are usually more compact in size, making them a good option for tight spaces.